4 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is popular for various natural treasures such as landscapes, lakes, mountain beaches and more. Apart from that, the country also boasts of beautiful culture and history. Below are some of the places you can choose to visit while the Dominican Republic.

Punta Cana
It is found in the Eastern Dominican Republic. This place is very popular among many tourists in Dominican. This is because of the huge number of beautiful resorts as well as the scenic beauty of the entire place. The town also has several landscapes and chain beaches that will do nothing apart from stealing your heart. It has two water adventure sports known as river rafting and water surfing.

Playa Dorado
This is a very beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic. Even though it is a rowed beach, it is very popular among the youth as well as honeymoon couples. Several hotels and resorts around the beach are designed for couples, apart from that, the hotels and resorts also have special facilities for couples. Playa Dorado is full of restaurants, resorts, bars, and shopping markets for convenience.

LA Romana
This is a great place that has beautiful large hills. Many people prefer it as a hill station. Many people arrange camps here for picnics as well. On arrival, you will be welcomed by the villagers traditionally, meaning you will get a taste of Dominican tradition. If you would love some shopping then you can as well do it in this place, you will be able to find accessories, trendy outfits and more.

Lago Enriquillo
This place boasts of a beautiful lake. The lake has a chain of mountains surrounding it, this, therefore, enhances the complete view of the place. You can also find other international birds and flamingos enjoying on the lake. It also has natural caves which provide tourists with the opportunity to have a view of natural beauty.